In Between

I’m excited. I’m relieved. I’m relaxed. I’m also in between…

I successfully defended my dissertation on Tuesday, November 2, but I have a round of revisions based on committee suggestions. It’s nothing major, and I hope to be done with them in a week. (We’ll see).

My friends and family have taken to calling me Dr. It’s sweet, although I’m not really done until those final checks and signatures are filed safely at the graduate school. My friend said “You’re not really ABD any more because you’re done with the D.” Well – that’s almost true.

So I’m in between. A little more than ABD, but not quite Dr. Collier, despite the excitement from friends and family.

Graduate school at the doctoral level is definitely a process. I’m joyfully one step closer to the end, but it ain’t over yet.

Go Dawgs.


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