As a professional development coach, I find these tips on point.

infinite hope | the national equity project blog

1. Listen without judgment. Being able to listen without judgment is key to any relationship – coaching or otherwise. Two forms of listening we encourage coaches and managers to employ are constructivist listening and active / reflective listening. Constructivist listening is effective for engaging in conversations that are both intellectually demanding and emotionally challenging.  Active/reflective listening helps ensure mutual understanding.  Both forms of listening are extremely beneficial for the talker as they provide emotional release and reassurance that you’re willing to listen to their point of view.

2. Get permission to coach. Whether you are a coach or a manager, you can set the stage for a successful partnership with your colleagues by outlining at the outset mutual goals, expected outcomes, and potential obstacles.  These shared agreements help to build relationship, and are helpful to revisit as obstacles inevitably arise. As a manager you may assume that you…

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